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Back To School: A blog about going back to school

With the school holidays over and kids back to school and our lives about to get busier than normal. It's time to make sure you are prepared for the busy term.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the upcoming school year:

1. Get your kids back into a routine - it can be hard sometimes but it is so important for them to get back into their normal schedule.

2. Plan ahead - this is especially important if you have more than one child going back to school, having a plan will save you from stress and chaos later on down the track.

3. Write out what each child needs for the first few days of school, this will help them know exactly what they need in their bags and where everything is located when they arrive at school.

4. Take a look at their uniform so that nothing is missing or has been forgotten from home, it's also good to check that all buttons are buttoned up correctly as well as ties etc...

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