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Armed Forces Day 2022

From all of our staff we thank you and salute you.

🇬🇧Armed Forces Day🇬🇧 Showcase at the Spanish City - 25 June

💕Thank you for everything you do for us 💕

For the first time since 2019, North Tyneside will play host to a celebratory Armed Forces Day event.

On Saturday 25 June, active servicemen and women, veterans, cadets, and residents are invited to Spanish City plaza for an Armed Forces showcase and recruitment event, featuring a range of stalls, between 11am and 3pm. The event will be attended by the Royal British Legion, military history groups, scout groups, Air and Sea cadets, emergency services and veterans’ charities.

The Armed Forces flag will also be flown outside North Tyneside Council’s Quadrant headquarters from Monday 20 June as a sign of respect.

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