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10 Qualities of a Good Domestic Cleaner

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

1. Punctual

A good domestic cleaner always arrives at the address on time or even slightly earlier to be able to start their job exactly at the agreed hour. Of course, sometimes unexpected situations happen and especially in a busy place like London, traffic can be a huge obstacle for punctuality, but generally a cleaning professional will make every effort to get to you when they said they will be there.

2. Responsible

Unfortunately, we’ve heard of many cases where domestic cleaners finish their job early and just stay in the house until the time for the appointment runs out. This isn’t fair to the client and you should make sure you are only paying for the hours actual work has been done.

3. A Person of Good Character

Good domestic cleaners are also DSB checked or in other words checked for any past criminal activity or connection. Whenever you are hiring someone to clean your home make sure that they have undergone an official security check. You wouldn’t want to risk having missing items from your property or becoming a victim of fraud.

4. Knowledgeable

No professionalist is good enough if they lack field-related knowledge. Same goes to domestic cleaners. Although cleaning may seem like a very simple job, it actually isn’t. Domestic cleaners worth paying for do have extensive knowledge, which helps them work efficiently and achieve impressive results, ultimately making you happy.

5. Discreet

It is very important for your domestic cleaner to know boundaries and be discreet about things that they see or hear in your home. Also they need to know how to do their job without disturbing your activities if you have chosen to stay in the property during the cleaning hours.

6. Pays Attention to Details

Good domestic cleaners will leave your home in nothing less than a perfect condition. They have a good eye for detail and do not miss a spot even if it is a tiny one.

7. Assertive

The person you hire to do your cleaning should be confident in themselves and their abilities. They should be proud of their profession and not think of it as a low-level hustle. Many studies have shown that domestic cleaners who respect and love their job do it 3 times better than those who work just for the money.

8. Flexible

In today’s life things happen so quickly and our schedules are often overloaded. If you are hiring a domestic cleaner you want to make sure that they are flexible with working times and can fit the cleaning appointment around you.

9. Loyal

Many domestic cleaners are hired for regular cleaning. If you are considering this option you will definitely want your domestic cleaner to be loyal and reliable. Ideally, they will be able to form a good working relationship with you and not let you down without a really good reason, which was unforeseeable and inescapable.

10. A Sense of Humour

Ok, this is not a must, but it’s always a nice plus to the qualities of a good domestic cleaner. A few friendly jokes always break the ice and build a good relationship even if it is still kept at a professional level.

It’s hard to find domestic cleaners that possess all of these qualities, but we can assure you that at CE Domestic Cleaning Services, we employ exactly that type of people and match them with you to bring you maximum value and satisfaction.

Theses are all the things require from a domestic cleaner and all cleaning services provider.

Ce domestic cleaning services

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